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Base 42 Technologies

Cloud based access control solutions

Digiovi™ is a SaaS service (Software as a Service) for access control. Access is easily controlled from your laptop’s or smartphone’s browser without installing separate applications or software. Here are some advantages and useful features of the Digiovi™ system:


Keyless / Say goodbye to heavy keychains and expensive locksmith services

Safe and secure / Digiovi™ works every time and is absolutely safe to use. Digiovi™ uses the same technology as many financial institutions

Enables business growth / With Digiovi™ you can simultaneously control multiple targets from a door reader

Easy to use / It is easier than ever to add and remove access credentials and tags

Mobile / Operate your Digiovi™ system from tablet or smartphone

Remote door opening / Open doors remotely. Welcome to the era of digital doors

Base 42 Technologies

Distributor of cloud based Access Control​

DIGIOVI is easy to use​

Please watch the video of Digiovi access control Solution